We like to keep it simple.
 Cork only offers a couple of packages that we have found to be the most most popular over the years. 
Each package can be customized to fit your event. 
Give us a call or shoot us a email to find the perfect package for you. 
805-462-9106 or chris@corkmobilebar.com

Bartending Packages 

Package 1
Two bartenders pouring for 6 hours (160 people or less)
Set-up and clean-up of the bar
Full Bar Tools
Back Bar
Glassware Suggestions 
Ice chest, wine chillers, ect.

Package 2
Bartending Staffing
Bartender only, charged per hour 
No set up or clean up

Non-alcoholic service
 Coffee Station
Water Station
Custom signature drinks 
Ice Orders

Bar Decor

Traveling Taps
Tap and Jockey Box System 
In an antique suitcase

Tap Tower
Tap Tower and Jockey Box System

Custom Taps Can be made upon request.
Bar Rentals

Wine Barrel Bar

Carrera Bar